Ecologically-Minded Farm Management Company

Strong Agronomy is an ecologically-minded farm management company in the Green Valley of Watsonville, California. We’re founded on the belief that ecological farming is the only long-term viable alternative to current agricultural practices. A deep understanding of naturally occurring relationships allows us to hone cultivation methods that work with nature instead of against it. A truly sustainable model isn’t one that just minimizes its impact on Earth, it’s one that makes it a better planet than it was before.

Through our extensive experience with agricultural sciences, innovative cultivation methods, and direct marketing channels with major organic distributors; Strong Agronomy is poised to deliver rapid success and compete directly with conventional large-scale agri-business models.

A True Eco-Farm
Our Mission

Strong Agronomy’s mission is to create a true “eco-farm” that is both environmentally sustainable and economically viable. This farm will act as a proof-of-concept facility that demonstrates an ecologically-sound approach to production that goes above and beyond standard organic practices. By generating a deep emphasis on cultivation methods that work with nature instead of against it; Strong Agronomy will embrace an entirely new approach to agriculture in the 21st century, one that “closes the loop” between inputs, waste, and production.

Berry Farms

We work with a new-breed of ag pioneers to develop growing practices founded in regenerative agriculture.  With knowledge learned from many industry leaders, we’re building a comprehensive systems-based approach to plant nutrition - a system solidly based on the sciences of plant physiology, mineral nutrition, and soil microbiology. When these practices are executed correctly, they always lead to a tastier, healthier fruit which is resistant to pests and climate change.


We embrace both traditional wisdom and emerging technologies to be at the forefront of a revolution in regenerative organic agriculture. This concept is so important to us we put it right onto our label.

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Ecologically Farmed Cannabis

Nestled in the Green Valley area of Watsonville, CA our medical grade cannabis grows next to certified organic turmeric, tomatoes, and blueberries. Driven by a vision of sustainability and food sovereignty, our cultivation style is based on the seven guiding principles of ecological farming.

We combine proven agronomic science with innovative growing technologies to ensure healthy farming and healthy plants.

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